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Swingers Dating Flowers. Pennsylvania Swingers Personals. To add your Swinger Club. Club Kama Sutra is Philadelphia's premiere club for sensual couples and single ladies. The Kama Sutra is a centuries-old manuscript from India dedicated to the art of lovemaking and sexual fulfillment. Its chapters contain detailed instructions for stimulating, seducing and satisfying one's partner.

It is considered by many to be the "bible" on the study of pleasure and intimacy and is the most famous sex manual ever written. Club Kama Sutra was deed to offer a unique and exciting dinner and dance club atmosphere where couples can ignite, explore and satisfy their fantasies and desires. Whether you come to play or just to watch, our palace of pleasure promises to surprise and delight you in a no-pressure, safe and clean environment.

Explore your fantasies. Club Kama Sutra is a restaurant and dance club open for private parties each weekend. Although situated on a very popular and busy street in downtown Philadelphia, there is no for Club Kama Sutra or any evidence on the outside of the building to indicate the nature of the club.

To maintain discretion and protect everyones privacy, the address of the club is provided only to those requesting a reservation to attend a party. We invite you to come and explore our unique, three story on-premise temple and experience the most captivating time of your life! Every weekend offers something new at Club Kama Sutra with theme parties, lingerie shows, toy demonstrations, body painting, massage and more.

As a no-pressure club, absolutely no one is ever required to take part in any theme, contest or game, with one exception: at our Halloween parties, costumes are mandatory. Because the club is in a very popular area of Center City, we offer parking at a secure parking garage within a few blocks of the club. Our shuttle driver provides continuous service between the parking garage and the club during party hours. Club Kama Sutra is like nothing youve ever seen. Experience it for yourself. Club Kama Sutra offers private parties every Friday night for couples, single ladies and single men and every Wednesday and Saturday evenings for couples and single ladies.

Reservations and club membership are required to attend a party. Party reservations can be made online by going to Upcoming Events and selecting the party you wish to attend. If you are new to the club please see Becoming a Member for more information about club membership and attending your first party. The club is open every Wednesday from pm until am, and every Friday and Saturday night from pm until am. Each time you attend a party you pay a party fee which varies according to which party you are attending and if you attend as a couple or as a single. Friday and Saturday party fees include candlelit dinner, dessert and breakfast buffet, coffee, tea and mixers.

The club is BYOB you must bring your own alcoholic beverage. We have plenty of coolers to keep your bottles chilled and friendly bartenders to serve you. Massage, body painting, tarot card readings, toy demonstrations or other amenities may also be available compliments of Club Kama Sutra; however, gratuities are greatly appreciated. Party fees are payable at the door by cash or credit card, with the exception of four big parties each year. These parties sell out quickly so make your plans as soon as possible after these events are announced.

Some parties will have a fun theme that may suggest certain attire for the evening. You are not required to dress for the theme, however, we do ask that you dress to impress. Nice casual is suggested for the gentlemen.

Ladies usually enjoy wearing something a little sexy or slinky, but you may wear whatever is comfortable for you. Please do not wear jeans, cut-offs, sneakers, t-shirts, sweatsuits, caps or work boots. If you arrive wearing jeans you will be asked to remove them or pay a fine. Fines can be doubled for each subsequent violation.

Dress shorts are permitted during the summer months beginning Memorial Day and ending Labor Day. Club Kama Sutra caters to sensually erotic couples and singles. Our mission is to provide a socially exciting, no-pressure environment. Nudity and sensual activities may occur. Management is in place to control all parties and allow members to enjoy the best possible experience.

Membership and attendance is limited. You are required to apply for membership in order to attend a party. CKS reserves the right to reject any applicant. First Timers? For many of you this may be your first introduction into what is commonly referred to as the "lifestyle. Many couples are nervous and hesitant on their first visit to a lifestyle party or club. Weve all had the experience of being new once and would like to share some thoughts and suggestions to assist you on your journey. The terms lifestyle and swinging are often used interchangeably.

Swinging generally means social and sexual intercourse with someone other than your mate, or recreational social sex. This may occur at a house party, a couple-to-couple encounter or at a club. Club parties can be "on-premise" or "off-premise. The parties at Club Kama Sutra are on-premise allowing couples and singles greater opportunity for social interaction and activities with others in a safe, secure and clean environment. The club is for sensual couples who are looking for a place to have fun and enhance their relationship. Many couples enjoy the relaxed atmosphere where they can freely express their sexuality and sensuality in the company of other friendly and open-minded people.

Many couples come to watch, others enjoy being watched. Some will never sexually interact with anyone but their mate.

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Some enjoy a softer form of swing that allows for flirting, fondling, kissing and perhaps oral stimulation with others, but does not include intercourse with anyone except your partner. And many enjoy and participate in the full range of pleasures available to them. Your presence at a Club Kama Sutra party does not obligate you to participate in anyway.

Each person must decide what is comfortable and acceptable for them. If this is all new for you, please have an open and honest conversation with your partner about this lifestyle BEFORE you attend a party. We strongly encourage you to make an agreement that you will not do anything on your first visit to the club.

Come enjoy the food, the dancing, the mingling and the watching without feeling pressured to do anything more. Then go home and have a great time with each other were sure you will while sharing vivid memories of the evenings sights and sounds. After attending a party you will both be better informed and able to decide what is right for you and your relationship.

We have a dress code partly because this is a night to come out and be sexy and flirty and look your best. And guys, dont forget to tell your woman how hot she looks.

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We believe the ladies are in charge of this scene. If the lady is happy then everybody is happy. Go slow. Allow your partner time to get comfortable with this atmosphere and the different ways you may explore your fantasies. This is not for everyone. But many couples enjoy more intimate relationships with their partners as the result of their experiences in this lifestyle.

Our mission is to provide a clean, no-pressure environment where fun, passion, romance, incredible excitement and more are all possible in a first class atmosphere.

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Staff and management are present to serve members, maintain the facility and control the party in order to allow all members to have the best experience possible at every event. We were not only suprised and pleasantly pleased with the positive and easy-going attitude of the memebers there, but we found a group of people who will no doubt become friends, even outside the CKS atmosphere. I would like to let you know that Bryan, our host for the evening, went out of his way to make us feel welcome.

It was so nice to go to a new place and have people who understood our concerns and reservations and not just brush them off. Bryan made us feel welcome and it is because of his positive attitude that we were able to enjoy our first visit actually, we enjoyed it a bit more than we thought we would. Best regards and happy holidays. It was our first time, and we're out-of-towners, so even though we initially felt a bit out of place, everyone made us feel welcomed.

Thanks for all the hot fun.

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We're looking forward to our next trip to Philly and CKS! One might say our goosebumps had goosebumps. We would like to take this time to compliment you and your staff for your wonderful service and attention to details. Friday, October 24, in addition to being our anniversary, was our very first time at any lifestyle club. The level of comfort and security we felt was reassuring. Your hostess Angie was informative, patient and was just being simply a doll. However, all your staff should be praised from their wonderful customer care, from the third floor bar maid to the young lady serving in the dinning room.

Never did we feel pressured or unsafe thanks to your secure surroundings. We assure you that we will be back! It was our first night and it was a blast! We really enjoyed the club, People were respectable, the hosts and bartenders were great! We'll back again soon! Thanks for a very special, no pressure, unique, and definitely exciting evening. It was exactly as advertised and what wasn't was better. Will see you again, and thanks for existing.

J June 1, Just wanted to drop you a line about how we really enjoyed ourselves at your club. Our first party was May 9th and everyone made us feel totally welcome and comfortable. Our tour guide was the best and the bartenders and staff were awesome. We enjoyed ourselves immensely and look forward to our next visit. Thank you so much for providing us with such a beautiful club in which to explore our fantasies.

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See ya real soon!!!! We have been married for 8 years and the sex we had Saturday night was like when we first got married! For the last 3 days I was a walking hard-on! It was a blast and we will be back for my wifes B-day, look forward to the next time, see ya. We added kudo's to our profile we liked so much and can't wait to return! My boyfriend wanted to bring in a third person female into our relationship for fun and I didn't think I was ready for it. I saw the club's ad in the City Paper and thought this might help me to open up my mind to the possibility of a threesome.

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