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Mario Bravo unseated an entrenched incumbent City Councilperson to become the new District 1 representative. He has a history that includes working fishing boats out of Dutch Harbor, Alaska. Now, he is dedicated to improving San Antonio for all.

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Welcome to The Alamo Hour, discussing the people, places, and…. She was educated and worked as an engineer before going to law school.

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After law school she had a few jobs before running for District Judge in Bexar County. us to hear her talk about…. From their goals to the way they interact with our community, the Zoo is changing stereotypes. The mission of the San Antonio Zoo now includes much more emphasis on conservation, education and interaction.

Tim could speak…. Marcus began brewing with a cheap home brewing kit.

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It raised money and awareness for social…. She is a classically trained and educated musician herself. She is funny, charming and well worth your time. Judge Diaz is still in her first term as an elected district court judge, but she is already making her mark on creating new systems to address domestic violence. If you enjoyed the episode with Gary Slutkin, you will enjoy hearing about this innovative approach to domestic violence. Lesch was one of our earliest and most popular guests.

We could not cover it all in one hour so he reed us for some additional discussions of what he has been working on lately. This includes local elections, hostage negotiations and upcoming publications. She has been deeply involved in the San Antonio food scene and being an advocate for improving the visibility and notoriety of it for a decade.

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She has a lot to say about our city and the scene. Christian Archer moved to San Antonio in He is full of stories and backgrounds of some of the biggest San Antonio stories of the past 15 years. Transcript: [music] Justin: Hello.

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Bienvenido San Antonio,…. Gerry Goldstein has spent his career fighting for what is right. Gerry is a hero to me personally and a great entertaining guest.

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Welcome to The Alamo Hour, discussing…. In person guests must wear masks.

Alamo nude text

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