Are you lonely and busy

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It seems to me that everybody has one friend that is busier than everybody else. Being alone and being lonely are worlds apart. But being lonely is not the same as being alone. Even though it may sometimes be hard to believe, your busy friend may also turn out to be the loneliest, and seriously in-need of your love and support. Recently, my life is so much busier than it has ever been.

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I have far too many group chats that are work-related. Loneliness is a feeling that I am by no means a stranger to, but it has definitely intensified in the past year or so. A feeling that has the ability to be so raw and so painful, it can leave me breathless.

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It is powerful and fierce: it has made me feel so small, and it has made me seriously doubt myself. To see what might be contributing to it. The vast majority of my friends do not live in the same city as me, and most have migrated to the big smoke.

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There is also, of course, the global pandemic currently raging on. I definitely took that for granted in the past — having your friends nearby. It really does make the world of a difference.

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Or to be whisked off for a song and dance for the night. Completely normal, but still has the ability to make you feel lonely. This has always been the case with me, but definitely more so recently. So, my thoughts and feelings just stay in my head, which in itself is an isolating and lonely process. It has the power to take over my mind completely at times.

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But please remember to check in with your loved ones, especially the ones you see as strong, because even the strongest of us can feel lonely. Aurelia Magazine Uplifting the first-person stories and opinions of marginalised genders. Instagram Twitter .

Are you lonely and busy

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