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Within days of her accession, Elizabeth had appointed Dudley as master of the horse — a position that guaranteed almost daily contact.

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In the years that followed, their close relationship continued, but any lingering possibility of a future marriage was cast aside. It was not an ideal match.

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Anjou was a something tiny and pockmarked Catholic who was widely rumoured to be a transvestite. After a few weeks Anjou returned to France and negotiations appeared to falter in the face of public opposition to the match, but in October Anjou returned to England. She proceeded to kiss him on the mouth and give him her ring.

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Yet overnight, Elizabeth apparently had second thoughts and announced the next day she would not marry Anjou. With the failure of the French match, hopes that Elizabeth would marry came to an end, but as she grew old and increasingly isolated she continued to seek the attention of her male courtiers.

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Despite the age gap between them, the nature of the relationship was again speculated upon. But this was a different kind of relationship than the one Elizabeth had had with Dudley, and was more about the desire of an ageing woman to be made to feel young and attractive by a handsome young courtier. Yet Elizabeth was never so swept away by her emotions that she lost a keen sense of political realities.

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Yet her death served only to continue speculation about her private life. In life, Elizabeth and the ladies of the bedchamber had tenaciously defended the chastity of her body to protect her reputation and defend her crown. To find out more, visit www.

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Beautiful wants sex Elizabeth

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