Blonde halloween shopping

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Are you struggling with Halloween costume ideas for ? Even more specifically — are you a blonde who is having a hard time deciding who or what you want to be this Halloween season? Well, there are plenty of easy Halloween costumes for blondes — especially if you want to incorporate your natural hair hue.

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If you simply aren't in the mood to deal with the hassle of having to wear a wig or don't wish to put too much effort into disguising your natural shade with a variety of tricks and treats, look no further. You can be a fellow blonde, like, say Taylor Swift, with relative ease based on the pieces and elements of your costume.

Or you can be totally punk rock by grabbing a can or three of L'Oreal Colorista temporary spray and blast your follicles with temporary, wash out color if you have a hankering to be Harley Quinn and her multi-colored strands from Suicide Squad. You don't need to spend a ton of money this Halloween in order to have a decent and instantly recognizable costume. In fact, you can DIY it inexpensively and with low maintenance components.

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It's also supremely easy to copy. It'll feel so, so good to be a badass when dressing up as this enduring and bat-wielding DC Comics character. Her understated, throughly anti-Gaga, and dark 'n' dirty blonde style is also easy to replicate for Halloween. Marilyn Monroe is a classic. If you're already a blonde, you can curl and tuck your hair to copy her iconic The Seven Year Itch subway dress style.

It doesn't matter what shade of blonde you are. The other costume elements announce who you are. They are delish as the breeze. If you want to do a Disney Princess this Halloween, Alice in Wonderland is a more-than-viable option for blondes.

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No wigs needed. Of course Daenerys costumes are a fave for Halloween. If you are already fair-haired, you can style your hair in some braids and with tendrils. Barbie has gone through so many iterations and incarnations.

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She has become more and more inclusive, which is important since so many girls of different backgrounds continue to play with the doll. She can also be an easy Halloween costume for you. By Amy Sciarretto. Here are 7 easy, breezy Halloween costumes for blondes to rock during the spooky season.

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Vintage Taylor Swift. Courtesy of YouTube. Black Square Glasses. Adult Harley Quinn Kit. A Star Is Born Instagram. Linen Scoop-Neck Top. Marilyn Monroe Costume. Tattoo Liner. House of Lashes Iconic False Lashes.

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Alice in Wonderland Costume. Xhilaration White Tights.

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Dragon Queen. Dragon Queen Wig. Barbie Graphic Tee. Barbie Foil Scoop Tee. Boyfriend Wash Light Jeans. Canvas Sneakers.

Blonde halloween shopping

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