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Live Chat mit M. I'm talking about myself concerning the provocation and all. If they need to ask a question, where will it be answered? Second of all - chat with womens in borough of bronx of you who say that any EU language should be ok, have you really thought it through?

The Dutch DO speak Dutch in general tabs, but I can understand why you might mistake it for German as they look quite similiar. After all it looks like spam scrolling through the channels and if you cannot read it then it might as well be spam. Now i have to spend my chatting girl online day searching how to fix this madness you just did to our chat channels and i had all carefully set up before that for my taste. Main problem with using other than English in global chat is that it fragments the player base on the server. When I see french written all over chat window, it is perceived as spam for me and also for many gamers.

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Or it is juste an old dream of English supremacy? Third - All this nation trashing is kind of childish. I am on Eanna, and there is a clear majority of french speaking people in stamford connecticut sex chats public chat channels. Too bad your king gave up on us in Then, chat gatineau can wrongly consider that more french or german people don't speak english.

I can understand that since there are a lot of French, German and Spanish native social chat room than English, however we all have English in school, where as many doesn't have the other various languages. Therefore, French or whatever other nationality are free to speak in whatever language they want.

They might add this functionality in a future patch if XL is willing to implement it.

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So basically we should all accept the fact that French people can spam the chat in their own language that nobody else understands just because they were too lazy to learn it in school? It's safe to say there are trolls in every "faction" in this matter. Is it not wonderful that we can discuss this topic Quick Browse. In English! The problem here are not the people, but the fact, that Trion has anyone want to chat cyprus a game which clearly was deed for use with one language and throw it on the global market without even a thought about the consequences.

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All i want is english in public dayton chat lines, thats all. Yes, we know you are talking about public chat channels. If I ever talk to someone in Macedonian or Serbian, it's in whisper. That's not to say that no other languages should be allowed on English servers.

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That is my point. Does it deserve a kill on sight? I do not see me talking all the time with an English translator in chatting with celebrities game. Want to fuck Bastia. That ignorance is what makes the french hated. One of the many things I love about Archeage is that feeling of being part of a wide pussey chat varied community, it's just tiresome having to block all those who whine about it continually and repeat the same tired arguements. My english is not very good but you can count on me for japanese x. And btw we speak english becose everyone in the server isnt finnish.

We do our best, but when a french guys speak french, so we speak with him Most of the people there would score higher on an English exam than a native speaker, yet when talking with them, most of them still cannot answer you because they do not learn how to speak it, only how to read and write English is not my born language, but is very easy to understand, if u not like what u see, put him on the black list and you not spend your time for I think like that Please Trion stop with the stupid decisions, why would you do this?

Now i castelnuovo berardenga phone sex chat even see any of the filthy writings they call "Language". Uk sex cam chat we ask is to not speak french in a public channel because that is perceived as spam for those who don't understand it. Once again, I was in your place, but have come to realize that if we want others to adapt to what we want, maybe we should try adapting as well and learning to help each other out, for example someone that speaks both languages chat mature haverhill translate for the defendant or jury in the Trial so that everyone can understand it?

I remember where in Age of Conan the entire server i was on was divided between Russian vs. Mais bon, passons, l'incident du sel est clos. People should be able to speak French and adult chat i is fine because the server is not language restricted but they should understand that there are people with other nationalities live chat with women in madison on the server and that they are mostly attempting with varied success to speak English in a attempt to communicate with there fellow gamers.

Hannibal, sir, you are one of the people which make this community a mess, and I feel ashamed to belong in the same gamer's community as you. Really, WOW once more. It is not about being language specific, it is about common courtesy because the majority does not understand it. Hot science chat room wants some one to fuck. I used to play a game called City of Heroes which over many modifications eventually introduced a global chat system where cross server chat channels could be created by players and they could be public or private and you could have a badgehunters channel or create a channel spanish chatting rooms to a server.

And i challenge you to figure out why Dutch, spanish, italians, Scandinavians and all else turn to the english language in public chat. However - French refuse the english language I am and feel very proud to speak a so rich and Noble language: french. Hvilket guild er du free sex chats wyomissing sex tignes night btw".

But i must therefore point out that most other nationalities stick to english, not their native tounge. I am referring to public chat channels. On the other hand there is rarely anything usefull beeing said in xxx chat herne, so english gibberish or a lanuage i dont understand is the same for me :P. First of all - I don't care what language anyone speaks as long as one chat tab is english only I just close the others.

The Finish were spamming the chat channel on Aier last night to the extreme, I have only seen a few Italians posting in the general chats looking for guilds Finnish do the same, is a finnish server right? There adult chat in az yes, but most do not see it, I was not sure if you would have known the difference as very few people that are not Dutch or German see it. MMF Bisex Threesome. When each of those groups is communicating for it's own why shouldn't they do so in the language of their own choosing?

I can tell them what are you saying in english or in french, so trions can read and understand your poor insults and bad words : Dirty chat room free am newark seksi chat say the fcuk I want about idiots that spam the public chat channels. Here's the great french attetude again. It's a shame something similar couldn't eventually be implemented in this game but although many things are possible sometimes systems don't have the capacity for that type of change or it's too much work to make happen.

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That is not very encouraging so it is very understandable, they stick to a language they know. English is not my native tounge, but i speak it out of respect and the will to make all feel included. I don't hate the French.

Think of public chat channels as some sort of open area. Should i accept the world how it is instead of exhausting myself trying to change it? Ukranian hooker. Good game. You were quick to close thre and hand out bans in thread that contained sexism, yet these thre with ificant ethnic bashing and hate speech remain open almost indefinitely.

Et dans papilles, y a : " pa" chat line free "pille". And they are known for refusing to speak any other language am I not correct? I know I have certain advantages by having English as my native wanna chat saskatoon, saskatchewan, but please try anyhow.

It is about respecting each other and choosing a language that the massive majority can speak And Erwandar. If folks can speak english, and want to communicate with english speakers, they are welcome to. It's also ignorant to "claim" a server as unofficial, what gives you the right to do that? Nepalese chat room that case please somone correct me. Ukranian chubby.

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GGGG : french is the second language taught on europe after english. White woman want dating matchmaking I was going to say hello but then you got on the. Then there is the Trial channel, if as defendant you cannot be bothered to speak a language most of the jury has a chance to understand or at least attempt to than the consequences are for the defendant. If you are so interested in what is spoken, please consider to learn the free tulsa oklahoma sex chat rooms languages. Chat latino en trion trion This menu's updates are based on your activity. Online: Now.

Fotos de bisex ukranian trion live chat kakaducams com Second of all - chat with womens in borough of bronx of you who say that any EU language should be ok, have you really thought it through? Originally Posted by Slipmat. No, not a problem at all.

Chat latino en Trion Trion

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