College girls overweight

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Introduction: Late adolescents are tomorrow's adult population; assessment of their nutritional status is, therefore, primary to the prevention of noncommunicable diseases. Methodology: An ex post facto study using a cross-sectional survey de was employed to find out the prevalence of overweight and obesity among young female college students in Chennai. A total of female college students aged from 10 women's colleges in Chennai city were included in the study. Anthropometric assessments included body mass index BMI and body fat percent. Dietary intake was assessed using a three 24 h dietary recall.

: Assessments of BMI indicated that only half the of female college students More than a quarter of female college students were also underweight Mean energy intake of the students was kcal lower than the Indian Council of Medical Research recommended values. The average intake of fruits, leafy vegetables, and other vegetables were dismally low.

Conclusion: The findings reflect both a dual burden situation and an improper dietary pattern prevailing among the population of young female college students, necessitating the need for appropriate nutrition intervention. Keywords: Body fat percent, body mass index, dietary intake, obesity, overweight.

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College girls overweight

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Starvation issues in universities? The real college problem is obesity.