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In the lore of the Lone Star state, Texas lawmen rank pretty high: the good guys in the white hats. Their badge brought prestige - their gunfights, the history books. But in the modern-day town of Denton, Texas -- the "little D" outside "the Big D" of Dallas - there served one Texas lawman with a curious past, all locked up in a box. Donna Fielder: No one left at the police department had any idea what was inside that box. Oh, they knew the basics. That the box told the tale of a blonde beauty - a new mother - found dead in her bedroom. A cop's bedroom - her husband's bedroom.

But the box eventually fell silent -- to every ear, but one. Donna Fielder: I just the whole time felt that Viki was there. That she was there with me, and that she was waiting to see what was gonna happen. Viki -- was Virginia Farish -- a quiet girl sweet as Texas tea - and loyal - with a touch as soft as her dark blonde hair. Robin Wyrembelski and Valerie Grissom were Viki's crew -- friends as long as they can remember - from Barbie to boyfriends - and everything in between.

Middle class, you know, maybe not really privileged but sharing your bicycle, sharing our skates, getting out everything and playing. We had an unusual circumstance. We had five girls within a block, all the same age. And so we were a gang of girls. Complete with then-normal insecurities. For her part, Viki was a little chunky -- had braces - was far more the bookworm than the social butterfly. They hooked up the summer after Viki graduated from high school. Bobby was older, and had a job working at his family's gas station. Robin Wyrembelski : I saw him as a kind of the outcast loner type, on his own.

Everybody knew of Bobby, but nobody knew him real well. And he didn't hang out with anybody except for Viki, constantly. And that attention seemed to be the sunlight Viki needed to blossom. Her friends soon saw a different Viki - on the outside at least. Robin Wyrembelski : It was like, Wow! You know she found that side of herself and enjoyed it. And it was always there, she just may have not known how to bring it out. Valerie Grissom : She was a swan. She turned out to be a very pretty woman. Very beautiful. Was it Bobby?

He eventually changed, too. He ed the Police Academy - and in time he didn't look so bad either. Valerie Grissom : When he went into the police academy, he got more buffed up. And he was like on a tactical squad. He had on these camo-looking gear and guns strapped all over the place and I --". Valerie Grissom : Yeah, it was pretty cool looking, I have to admit. I was a little jealous. They were two young lovers in the Lone Star state -- who were coming into their own, together.

In time, there was a wedding - and of course, careers. Viki became an elementary school teacher - -- and a good one at that, says fellow teacher, Christy Kerner. Christy Kerner : I admired how she could have this classroom management because to get a bunch of fifth graders to not only line up and stay in line and walk down the hall, but they did it with love and respect.

They did it because they loved her. The only person who appeared more loyal to Viki - was Bobby - who it seemed couldn't bear to be apart from her - even at work. Christy Kerner : He seemed like the doting husband who would show up at lunch and show up after school sometimes. He was just around all the time, you know -- much unlike most other spouses, even the other newlyweds that were at school, their husband just didn't show up like Bobby did.

Everyone wondered just how he found the time. He'd been promoted to detective at the Denton PD - a rising star as bright as his badge - who fellow officers, like Lee Howell, say was good. Very good. Lee Howell : He was very thorough, very meticulous in his work as he was in his - in a lot of his personal life. Few knew Bobby better than Richard Godoy. He's the social worker at the department - and fittingly enough, saw a lot of Bobby socially -- along with his wife.

Richard Godoy : They looked like a happy couple. They'd sit close together and you know, joke around with one another and hold hands and I think they'd give each other a peck and this kind of thing. The icing on their seemingly perfect cake came in - a baby boy named Monty. Viki was wildly happy.

On the verge of their 16th wedding anniversary, it seemed the Lozanos had it all -- good jobs, good family, a good-size home - more than 5, square feet - and supplemental income - from Viki's mother who lived with them, even paid for part of that house. But on July 5th, - Bobby and Viki celebrated the anniversary - that would be their last. The next night -- Bobby came home to find a horrific scene: Viki - covered in blood - shot through the chest - lying in their bedroom.

How could so much happen in just a half an hour? That's the slice of time policeman Bobby Lozano said he was away from home - only to return to find his wife Viki - shot through the chest. Rescuers and investigators raced to the scene -- one of their own was in trouble. Richard Godoy - Bobby's co-worker at the police department - was one of the first to get the call.

Richard Godoy : I'm driving down there thinking, "Oh, God, please help me. Help me help these people. Different and difficult. Bobby was a friend - and so was Viki - and now she lay dead in the couple's bedroom. Questions swirled as Richard approached the sergeant outside Bobby's house. Richard Godoy : I said, "What happened? Inside, Bobby was waiting for his old friend - tense, it seemed - but at the ready with the details of the terrible pre-amble to what lay on the bed. Bobby told Richard he had left home only briefly, only to come back to find Viki shot - his gun cleaning kit lay right beside her.

Richard Godoy : He said before he left, he took his gun out and - and he was gonna clean it because Viki and him were gonna go to the range the next day. And he told me, "She must have been trying to clean my gun because you know how she likes to tinker with stuff and she may have tried to clean my gun, and it may have accidentally went off. Police photos showed the grizzly result.

Her wound was fatal. Viki was gone. Her mother arrived home later that evening - to a crowd of investigators.

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The castle she helped pay for had now become her daughter's coffin -- and it fell to Richard to break the news. Richard Godoy : "Oh, no, not my Viki, not my Viki. I mean, you never forget the sound of a mother who has lost her. The wailing of her at that loss. But somehow, in the middle of all that grief -- Viki's mother offered up a theory about what might have led to her daughter's shooting. Richard Godoy : Anna says, "Well, did the dogs - did the dogs jump up? Did the dogs jump up and make the gun go off?

Viki's dogs - small ones - could have startled Viki, Richard surmised - but how could that have led to a wound in the middle of her chest?

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Richard Godoy : The only way a gun can go off is if you pull the trigger. I mean you're not going to sit it on a table and it's going to go off. The scene puzzled investigators -- and the more they observed Bobby's demeanor -- the more puzzled they became. Richard Godoy : He seemed uncomfortable with how Anna was reacting. He just appeared uncomfortable with the emotions that were there in the room.

I mean, 'cause it was some heavy stuff. It was really thick with emotions and with grief. Lee Cowan : But as heavy and emotional as that scene was, it wasn't for Bobby? Richard Godoy : He didn't seem to be ing in that emotion with everyone.

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There's no tears. He's like, you know, grimacing, faking like, forcing himself to cry, but there's nothing there.

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Paramedics also wondered.

Denton texas wife.

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Prosecutor Talks Convicting Detective Bobby Lozano, Who Murdered His Wife After Celebrating 16th Anniversary