I miss being a couple

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Everything you miss about relationships becomes magnified — the lazy Sundays in bed, constant nookie whenever you want, always having a massage partner, being able to text with someone all day every day, and the comfort, security, and companionship that comes along with having a romantic partner and someone to share the best and worst parts of your day with. To the extent that it can be pretty depressing and lonely when you first leave a relationship because all you can think about is the amazing parts of being a couple.

Of course, first we must state the obvious! One of the best parts about being in a committed, romantic relationship is that you can get laid pretty much anytime you want. How could you not miss that?

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When in a relationship, you seem to forget about the whole idea of a sex slump or drought that most single people have to deal with at some point. So, for newly single people, the loss of constant sex with someone you really care about is actually one of the most detrimental parts about going through a breakup. That is actually one of the best parts about seeing someone or being in a relationship. One of the most depressing parts about being newly single is checking your phone after several hours, only to find out that nobody has texted you.

Yeah, nobody cares about you anymore. When you start catching yourself sending someone inspirational quotes and funny YouTube videos in a new relationship is the moment you realize that this could actually be something. Sharing things you find on social media is legitimately one of the best parts about being in a relationship — particularly if that person likes the same things as you comedy, self-development etc. Naturally, when a relationship ends there is going to be a big void in your world of texting and social media sharing. The best way for newly single people to deal with this missing piece from their life is to nominate a like-minded failsafe friend that can fill in as their go-to social media sharing person for the duration of the period until they starting seeing someone new.

Ahhhh to feel loved and supported at all times. The emotional support and security you feel while in a relationship is seriously one of the nicest parts of being part of a couple. You have someone to go to the movies with, workout with, grocery shop, grab food, do an activity, or simply laze around and doing nothing with.

One of the best things about being in a relationship is that you have a safety net person to complain about everything and everyone in your life. If someone pisses you off or you need to vent about one of your friends, your SO is always there to listen to you and probably agree with you. Yeah, you definitely miss having that person you could feel comfortable saying what you REALLY think about all the people in your life to. A SO is the ultimate confidante and secret keeper.

Perhaps one of the most underrated benefits of being in a relationship is the fact you got a massage partner on-hand anytime you need it. It goes both ways…or should go both ways. Back scratching, random itches, kinks in the neck, foot rubs, you name it…you got a loving partner there to help try and make you feel better at all times. Rub up against the corner of a wall in your apartment like a bear? Massages are also a fun part of intimacy in a relationship — something that can show your affection and appreciation for each other, as well as another way to get close body contact after a long and stressful day.

When single you end up spending a lot more time by yourself than when in a relationship. The accessibility and comfort of having someone to come over and be lazy with is definitely one of the most enjoyable parts of being in a relationship, which a lot of freshly single people are going to miss. One of the great parts about being in a relationship is you always have a scapegoat to get out of plans. You always have to pretend, put on acts, and explain things about yourself to people.

To the extent that you might want to stop socializing altogether! When in a relationship you have a plus one for everything. And not only do you have someone to arrive with and talk to the whole time, but you also have someone you can leave with anytime you want. One of the best parts about being in a relationship is you have a permanent movie partner, both to go to the movies and Netflix at home.

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Besides, how are you going to get away with seeing the new romantic comedy that just came out? The two most important activities in a relationship other than sex, of course! Being in a relationship means you have the ultimate movie companion on speed dial at all times.

Probably the worst part about being single is the awkward dates. Or simply going on dates with people that are complete strangers who you know nothing about. You feel forced to fill all the awkward silences, and feel like you have to screen your real personality to some degree and impress the person sitting across from you.

When in a relationship, you look around at couples on first dates and are in no way envious of their position — just starting out at the very beginning, going through all the awkward motions of small talk and trying to feel each other out. What are you going to cuddle your one-night stand? In a relationship, great cuddling is probably even more important than having great sex. All of us humans are built the same.

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We crave community, partnership, and companionship. We were built to live and find another to be our companion in life. Someone to build a life with and share this one wild adventure that we all get to experience. By Jamie Rea Published May 18, Share Share Tweet Comment. Related Topics Love.

I miss being a couple

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