In need of friends asap

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So, if you want to party but they have to study, then you should be a supportive friend and respect their wishes.

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When you want to make friends you have to know who you are and what you stand for before letting other people into your life. Remember, college is going to be the time to make lifelong friends, friends who will either agree with the things you stand for or disagree with but respect. With that said, make sure you vow to yourself that no matter who you meet, you will stay true to yourself and to them.

Some people you are going to be really close to are the people you sleep with. No, not like that. I meant the other students in your dorm, so why not take advantage of it and befriend those in your dorm, especially your roommate. Most likely when you and your roommate hit it off, they will introduce you to some of their friends. So, take advantage of housing to make friends. A lot of college students have places where they hang out, like an arcade area, gym, or the library.

The point is to know all of the entertaining places that the college has to offer because, chances are, those are the hangout spots and the best places to make friends. a club that adheres to your beliefs and ideals.

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Those not only allow you to make friends but offer connections for when you are looking for internships. There are a lot of events on campus, you just need to look around. They provide ways for you to make friends. Just look around or ask around. Some colleges have a student activities office and you can ask them about the activities on campus. A lot of colleges host homecoming events, which are the BEST.

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Use those events to make friends. A lot of the time, students make group chats so the entire class can talk about homework asments, projects, answers to homework, etc. You can talk to the classmate that sits next to you and introduce yourself, which is the old fashion way but it still works. Remember, a lot of them are there for the same reasons: to succeed and to make friends. They are probably waiting for you to make the first move. A lot of events are happening off-campus. All you need to do is ask around because a lot of people know.

A side note. A lot of homecoming events are also off-campus, which are the best as well. From concerts to tailgates to the football game. It would suck to have a Debby downer as a friend. Some people make the mistake of opening up their greeting with a joke and I advise not to do that. You need to be yourself but interesting. But the points to put yourself out there, which can be scary. Now that you have met people, make sure you get their contact information to keep in contact with you. Once you meet them that day, it would suck to just walk off without asking for a way to keep in contact with them.

Once you get their phone s, ask if they are free to have fun over the weekend. Before you ask them, make sure you research the events that may be going on and then ask them but make sure the event is interesting. Study sessions are the perfect way to make friends. Use your group chat for your class to schedule a study session. They are fun and extremely helpful for that test coming up. During the study session, not only will you guys study you guys will get to know each other and talk about things, maybe plan on going to a certain party together.

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In need of friends asap

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