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Although a brutal gang rape in Delhi last December grabbed national headlines and caused a public outcry, sex trafficking in India has not provoked the same degree of outrage.

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But the gap between enactment and enforcement remains unacceptably wide. Parliament acted in response to the recommendations of a judicial committee led by the late Justice Jagdish Sharan Verma. In addition to urging tougher laws protecting women and children from abuse, the Verma Report recommended stiffer penalties for sex-related crimes as well as swifter justice for the perpetrators. The New York Times recently reported on widespread human trafficking of young girls in the state of Jharkhand and on the trafficking of impoverished girls into India from neighboring Nepal.

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Persistent poverty is a major factor. Many vulnerable women and girls are lured by promises of employment, and some parents are desperate enough to sell their daughters to traffickers. The caste system compounds the problem. Victims of sex trafficking disproportionately come from disadvantaged segments of Indian society. Trafficking is profitable and corruption is widespread. It is all too easy for traffickers to buy off police and other law-enforcement agents. The police must face strong disciplinary consequences for turning a blind eye, and those who commit sex crimes must know that they risk speedy prosecution and stiff sentences.

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Until attitudes in India toward women change and poor children gain the skills they need to take control of their futures, sex trafficking and the damage it inflicts will continue. Opinion Sex Trafficking in India.

Indian women for sex New york

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Sex Trafficking in India