Ketchikan women of

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Photo by Lois Munch. They talked about how they arrived, what life was like at that time, the different jobs they held and the social scene. A packed audience filled the university library for the talk, and some in the audience ed the conversation.

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Bellon said she moved here in Her husband was a city police officer, and had a habit of buying boats. The two also worked in the commercial fishing industry, and later owned one of Ketchikan now historic bars. Henderson, a retired clerk of court, officiated at countless weddings over the years.

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Henderson got back into the job marker later, though, and worked many years for the state before retiring. Elinore Jacobsen is a retired nurse, who worked at the old health center and hospital, which both were downtown. Alaire Stanton is a former city mayor, City Council member and Pioneers Home director, among her other volunteer positions. She moved to Ketchikan in She was 18, recently married and her husband had just been hired at the brand-new pulp mill.

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She also was pregnant. And that was a very cumbersome. It was a frontier experience that first summer. While not one of the panelists, Gerry Gnasiak is another s arrival. She ed the conversation, and talked a little about the racial divide that she experienced here in the 50s. It was pretty ugly in some cases. Henderson, who is African American, said she never noticed any racism in Ketchikan at that time.

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Stanton noted that there was another kind of division, centered on the pulp mill. It wasand the streets were planked, I got off and the first thing I did I caught my heel and pitched forward.

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Happily there was a guy in back of me and he caught my coat, or I would have been toothless. Ketchikan women remember life in the s Posted by Leila Kheiry Apr 1, Elinore Jacobsen and Alaire Stanton. Regional tribes discuss Canada mine concerns. Next Anti-chloramine petition turned in at City Hall.

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Ketchikan women of

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