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Ameer Allen poses in the shade of some trees outside the Jefferson County court in Golden on June 30,after a brief court appearance. Allen was violently arrested in Feb. A Lakewood man was violently arrested in February after he was involved in an altercation with a tow truck driver. But Allen, who is Black, says he was in fact the victim in the case and was assaulted by the tow truck driver, then violently detained by police officers who assumed he was the at-fault party. They could have put handcuffs on me at any point.

Colorado Newsline filed a public records request to review the police report and any photo and videos available from the day of the incident, but the request was denied by Lakewood Police Cmdr.

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Mark Reeves. Reeves did not return a call seeking comment. But the report, which showed no wrongdoing by the police officers, was highly redacted and did not include witness interviews, photos or videos. Lakewood police do not use body-worn cameras. A bill ed into law in requires all Colorado law enforcement officers to use them by July 1, During a motions hearing related to the case on June 30, Carolyn Wolf, a municipal prosecutor for the city of Lakewood, presented two stacks of CD-ROM disks to the defense and to Riley Goya, the district attorney handling the case.

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The disks contain the unredacted version of the internal affairs report. But the court swiftly placed a protective order on the report, meaning that neither party can share the information outside the court. Wolf did not immediately respond to a request for more information. When Kwana Austin slid open her bedroom curtains on Feb. She woke up her boyfriend, Allen, and told him to go check on his car. Then they proceeded to slam me into the ground They beat me till I was unconscious.

The two argued, and the driver got out of his truck and walked towards Allen, who had put his hands up in front of him, Allen said. When a fleet of Lakewood police officers arrived after the property manager calledthey questioned Allen. Austin pulled out her phone and started video recording the four officers who were on top of Allen. The next thing Allen remembers is waking up in the police car. He was taken to two nearby hospitals for medical treatment and a strangulation test, then was booked in the Jefferson County jail, where he was held for a night.

After that meeting, Springsteen got in contact with Allen and Austin to hear more. He could really barely function. Before his next hearing in April, Springsteen filed to be his attorney. Susie Dude, a d school counselor in Jeffco school district, was one of the educators who spoke during the city council meeting in March. Dude, who was not a witness, was not contacted by internal affairs.

When Dude received a copy of the completed internal affairs report, she wanted more answers. Springsteen says that Allen has been subject to unfair treatment at every step of the legal process. He was originally ased a public defender, but on March 8, the lawyer filed a motion to withdraw due to a conflict of interest with a witness in the case, according to Springsteen.

Then on March 17, when he went to court, the judge told him that he did not financially qualify for a public defender. So, in our state, we are turning people away for public defenders and alternative defense counsel who are literally living hand to mouth on unemployment during a pandemic. The day after the halted motions hearing, the DA filed another charge against Allen, alleging he was the one who assaulted the tow truck driver.

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How is that possible? However, they said they were not going to reward him for his noncompliance by allowing him to stop doing that. Instead, he was ordered to wear a SCRAM unit — an expensive ankle monitor that tests whether a person has consumed alcohol.

The unit vibrates every 30 minutes to an hour and has kept Allen from sleeping. Allen is currently on unemployment benefits after being let go from his job as a security guard after falling asleep during his lunch break. Austin wants ability, and for Lakewood police officers to wear body-worn cameras. Austin is in the process of getting her two youngest daughters into therapy.

A heavy police presence in the weeks after the event made it difficult for Austin and her family to process what had happened, she said. She started taking a picture anytime one was outside their house. For Allen, the last few months have been some of the hardest of his life, he said.

Austin and Allen have since broken up. We ask that you edit only for style or to shorten, provide proper attribution and link to our web site. Please see our republishing guidelines for use of photos and graphics. Moe Clark is a former Colorado Newsline reporter that covered criminal justice, housing and homelessness, and other social issues.

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Then Lakewood police violently arrested him. By: Moe Clark - July 2, am. Moe Clark Moe Clark is a former Colorado Newsline reporter that covered criminal justice, housing and homelessness, and other social issues. The Coloradans charged in connection with Jan 6.

Lakewood guy looking for more than just

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