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How can I have awesome sex? I would like to have some. I'm in a long term committed relationship with someone I really love. The sex is really nice but I feel like it could be more. We do some kinky stuff mostly light bondage and I feel like if there are other kinks I was into she'd be GGG. But the big issue is that the sex sometimes just lacks a sort of animal ferocity.

I guess I'm just looking for some good sex hacks. In the same way that you can either just make scrambled eggs or elevate it to "the perfect omlette", I'm wondering whether there are techniques, methods, supplements, exercises, or tricks to make even the most vanilla missionary position sizzle. Also, it'd be cool if I could cum every time. I sometimes get close and then it feels like something inside me "pulls back" and then when I try to push through to it it's gone.

If she cums I usually do immediately afterwards but not always. Also, how exactly does one raise this with a partner without making it feel like I don't like the sex? I like the sex, I just feel like it could be better. Do you talk? Get her to describe what she's doing, what you are doing, ask if you are fucking her right, etc.

Direct her, like in a porn movie, with the goal of her making you come. Make it clear exactly how she should be sucking your cock and fucking you. I suggest biting. You don't have to and shouldn't draw blood or anything, just give her a decent bite on the shoulder or the upper bicep. Animal ferocity comes to those who go for it. Good luck. Imagine yourself having mindblowing sex with the animalistic ferocity you crave. Now think: what's different about it from what you're doing now? If the answer is only the mood, then work on changing the mood within yourself.

Fake it until you make it. Develop a more graaaar mode within yourself while scrumping, and gague the reaction this provokes. If it works, you won't have to truly fake it for long. Variety can make a big difference. Break out of your normal routine.

Make sexytime at a different time of day, say when you first wake up. Make out in an elevator. Call her out of the blue and start talking dirty. Share a risque fantasy mid-coitus. One of my favorite exercises is to have my partner read erotica aloud while I finger her. The trick is, she stops reading, I stop fingering. A simple game, but amazing in practice. Kegel excercises for men. I think you're thinking too much.

As an experiment, try not thinking. That might take alcohol or drugs or extreme sleepiness or just the right mood. Watch a sexy movie together. Go to a, uh, adult toy store. Sex shop. Dildo dealer. You know, one of those. Maybe have a drink or two before hand. It might take a couple of trips before it stops being creepy, and the two of you stop joking about all the weirdos. Then you'll start buying stuff. Then going home and having fun with it. I'm going to assume that you are a guy; if you aren't, hopefully some of this will apply in some way anyway.

Do you jerk off? Not forever, just until you are reliably coming from sex with her. Think of it as retraining your body or a "sex hack" or whatever keeps you from pulling the pud, but stop for the time being. Your only sexual release should come from or with her -- if it involves your hand, if she's not an active participant you don't get to do it.

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Then, my real advice is to have lots of sex. Practice makes perfect, you know? So get it on a lot. Lots and lots and lots.

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Always say "yes" rather than "no" or "later" unless you have just had major surgery or are actively infectious. Have enough sex that you guys giggle about it and it hurts to walk and when someone you know complains about not getting enough you can have that smug look of "dude, I get laid all the time. You just want to be totally familiar with each others' bodies and how they work, and you get that familiarity through practice and repetition. Now that you are having lots of sex, start experimenting with the minor variations that make different positions work or not. Yes, you should be having sex assuming that it feels good, you don't have physical barriers, etc in the major positions -- you on top, her on top, from behind, etc.

But what you should be doing is getting into the minor changes in each that make it totally different. So, for example, with you on top, experiment with having her knees up and down; you up on your hands or your face in her neck; her hips angled up or down; her legs outside or inside of yours; and on and on and on.

Partly just for variation and to give the two of you a much broader physical "language" of sex, but mostly to let you see what works for the two of you, given the shapes of your bodies and your preferences and so on. Do this for each major position -- find the small changes that work, and the ones that don't but are fun, and the ones that really suck. This is maybe easier if one of you is a take-charge person and can give orders like "ass up, face down!

Assuming again that you are a guy, I would really really urge you to get good at getting her off. Most guys I am told aren't actually all that good at reliably producing orgasms for their partners. What that means is totally different for each person -- maybe get good with your hands, or use your mouth, or stand her on her head and pound like an angry carpenter, or whatever works.

Don't be afraid to bring in the mechanical cavalry -- a vibrator is not a threat to your masculinity. Don't just ask her "what do you like? Don't worry if there are contradictions -- go with what works, and enjoy the benefits of that, and look for consistency later. Figure out her cycle and what she likes when. Her body will change, and what feels good this week may not feel great next week.

Figure it out and get ahead of the curve so she isn't always having to reeducate you. Know her better than she knows herself. Lastly, my experience has been that heightening emotional intimacy brings hotter sex. Yes, YMMV, everyone is different, etc. But this is why, for me, one night stands are generally pretty mediocre, and long term sex is hawt-hawt-hawt.

For many people, making her feel loved and appreciated and so on all the time will produce some pretty stunning sex -- don't wait to turn on the charm until you are trying to get laid on Friday night. So do all the little things that make you a totally awesome boyfriend for the Missed this. My advice? Focus on doing first, and only later worry about the talking. Everything I wrote above maybe with the exception of getting it on so much that you can't walk straight can be done unilaterally -- you don't need to talk to her at all about any of it.

You just do, and learn, and improve, and learn some more. At some point, you will have things you want her to do, or there will be something that will need to be talked about. But for right now, with everything under your control meaning your actions, not her reactionsyou can just focus on the doing, and leave the talking for later.

Meatbomb's instructions are pretty much exactly what I would have written. Whenever I'm with my fella thinking "oh man, it's really hot when he does that Not like we both like the same things but the sense of being with someone who is eager to please and be pleased is itself a turn on. Really, when it works right it just reflects and amplifies the "this is hawt" vibe over and over and allows it to sort of crash like a wave over the two of you.

Considering the wide, wide differences in what makes each of us go into animal rutting mode, I doubt there are any good hacks to give you. My second point of advice would be to give new things you try a fair shake. After 12 years of marriage where the sex has only gotten better I can only add this: Establish the rule that each of you are in charge of your own orgasm and the other must obey the directives of this rule.

Like everybody said above be explicit. Don't fuck in a bed. Don't fuck laying down. Don't fuck as much at night. If you do the lights stay on and do it early—not at bed time. Always try to fuck when it might make you late for something. Be hungry for each other. Tell her "I'm hungry for you. I want you to be hungry for me. This is good advice.

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Waiting till bedtime can often mean you're tired, less inclined to focus on each other, and more likely just to settle for the seemingly obligatory pre-sleep roll in the hay. I'd start by trying to stop having perfect sex. The pressure from that makes you "hold back" posted by Ironmouth at PM on June 27, Eat very dark chocolate. Eat more. Eat ginger, ginseng, spicy foods.

Write sexy stories to each other. Express yourself. Talk more. Don't talk - learn to enjoy healthy silence as much as possible. Hide surprises for each other places - notes, treats, snacks, naughty letters, pictures. Wrestle in flowers, wrestle in pudding.

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