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Few things will make a guy go crazier than a pro taking care of his bad boy. Of course, it would be pretty weird and incredibly difficult if you were just constantly moving your tongue all over the place. What I like to do is occasionally let my tongue glide along, gently applying a little pressure.

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It makes them go wild, trust me. Deep diving This can be a bit problematic, especially if you have a gag reflex like me.

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Slow it down and speed it up Changes in rhythm are definitely key for all oral sex — remember that, boys. Believe me, no one will hate you for making their pleasure last longer, so slow down and savor it.

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Plus, if you swallow, less of a mess means more cuddling and less cleaning. I cannot stress this enough. Guys absolutely love it when you go for their cock first, without them having to ask you to do it.

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I mean, having to ask someone to go down on you just takes some of the sexiness out of it, you know? Enjoy it Sexual experiences are always the most fun when both people are enjoying them. So then this is probably the best thing you can do while giving head: truly enjoy it.

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Lo is a student at Cornell University. Bananas and Cream appears monthly this semester.

Quick head or fuck

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