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The Visa Section is open to the public Monday through Thursday from a. The Visa Section is closed on all U. Persons wishing to obtain a visa interview must first contact the Visa Information Service. Applicants should be advised that capacity constraints may require a daily numerical limit on visa applications during the peak summer application period May — August. Interested persons are therefore strongly encouraged to apply for visas during other times of the year to avoid possible inconvenience.

The Management Section provides the administrative support platform for the entire U. Mission to the Bahamas and is part of the Department of State.

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It is comprised of both direct-hire American Officers as well as locally engaged Bahamian and American staff. There are approximately 50 people detailed to the Management section. The GSO section assists the mission and official personnel in the areas of housing, customs and shipping, motor pool, procurement and supply. The Facilities Maintenance Section maintains five large U. The section is headed by an engineer, a locally employed Facilities Maintenance Supervisor. The HR office is responsible for all personnel matters including adherence to local labor laws and practices, the Local Compensation Plan for locally engaged staff, as well as maintaining post personnel records for both American and LES staff.

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Lauderdale Regional Center. Services are provided for American Embassy employees and their families. The Health Unit is co-located at the Walk-In Clinic in Sandyport on the west side of New Providence and handles medical evacuations, vaccinations, medical consultations and referrals. The Community Liaison Office CLO is among the first points of contact for newly ased or arriving employees and family members, and provides pre-arrival information, orientation, and assistance with settling in at post.

CLOs identify the needs of their community and respond with effective programming, information, resources, and referrals. They serve as advocates for employees and family members, advise post management on quality of life issues, and recommend solutions and family-friendly post policies. The CLO also ensures that U. Mission families have the latest information to prepare for hurricanes including the most recent Mission Nassau Hurricane Preparation Guide PDF 1MB which can be downloaded by clicking on the link.

All downloadable documents on this are provided in PDF format. You may download a free version by clicking the link above. The section works to strengthen U. We also organize cultural, educational, and exchange programs directly with Bahamian citizens. Project proposals are accepted throughout the year, although early application is strongly encouraged. All proposals will be competitively reviewed; only fully completed small grants forms will be considered for support.

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All press and general inquiries to any section of the U. Phone: ext. Recent U. Embassy press releases produced and distributed by the Public Affairs Office may be found in our Press Releases Section. In Pre-clearance, inspections are performed completely within another sovereign nation. Preclearance has been operating in Nassau and Freeport for almost 30 years. CBP is now integrated. Customs Service. We are combining our skills and resources, to make sure that we will be far more effective and efficient than we were when border responsibilities were fragmented into four agencies, in three different departments of government.

It starts with four agencies coming together to work as one and it continues with CBP working hand-in-glove with other agencies to coordinate information sharing and operations. It is the basis of our partnership with the trade community to develop, enhance and maintain security processes throughout the global supply chain and to stem the illegal export of equipment, technology and munitions to unauthorized destinations.

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The men and women of Customs and Border Protection are committed to our critical mission, dedicated to keeping America safe, and proud to serve our country with integrity and honor. Additional Benefits for Preclearance vs.

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The mission of the ODC is to execute the U. Department of Defense Representative to The Bahamas. The remaining workload is divided between military ship, aircraft, and personnel diplomatic clearances; U. Most of the work of the Coast Guard Liaison Officer involves coordinating maritime illegal immigration issues. However, the Liaison Officer is also responsible for search and rescue, aids tovessel safety, and marine environmental protection as well as being responsible for handling all the clearance requests for Coast Guard cutters, aircraft, and personnel transiting to and through The Bahamas.

The Coast Guard provides subject matter experts for a large of courses provided to maritime law enforcement partners. Coast Guard cutters, aircraft, and personnel needing to transit through the Bahamas. Migrants: The US and The Bahamas maintain a close working relationship with regard to migrant issues.

Illegal migrants continue to be smuggled into the Bahamas and TCI. While many migrants stay in the Bahamas or TCI, most attempt to use the region as a transfer location to facilitate attempts to reach the United States. The U. Coast Guard assists in transporting migrants located in remote areas, particularly from the Cay Sal Bank to Bahamas Immigration officials.

Coast Guard has a long-standing relationship with the RBDF because of their unique similarity as an armed service that conducts both law enforcement and national defense. Coast Guard Cutters each day to assist with enforcement of laws inside Bahamian territories. Both organizations work closely together combating the flow of illegal contraband and migrants throughout the region.

Clearances: Routine clearances for Coast Guard cutters, aircraft, and personnel involve coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. On any given day, approximately Coast Guard personnel engage in The Bahamas in all aspects of maritime issues. The CGLO is responsible for general oversight of most of this engagement. Charts for The Bahamas and the TCI are infrequently updated to reflect changes in depth soundings, wrecks, shoals and aids to. Mariners are advised to not rely on only one reference source when operating vessels in the region.

Due to the numerous reefs and shoals, operation of vessels at night outside of charted al channels is not recommended. Brownfield, advises the President, Secretary of State, other bureaus in the Department of State, and other departments and agencies within the U. Government on the development of policies and programs to combat international narcotics and crime. CBSI is a citizen security initiative with the mutually agreed upon goals of: ificantly reducing illicit trafficking, increasing public safety and security, and promoting social justice in the Caribbean.

INL also serves as a resource to the Chief of Mission providing guidance on counternarcotics, transnational crime, corrections, and rule of law issues. Working together through the Caribbean Basin Security Initiative CBSIthe United States and the nations of the Caribbean, including The Bahamas, are combating the drug trade and other transnational crimes that threaten regional security. All projects are implemented in partnership and cooperation with the relevant parts of the Government of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas and with reference to its National Anti-Drug Strategy.

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Some activities support nongovernmental organizations NGOs working with at-risk youth to provide alternative life and job skills training to those who are most likely to choose a life of crime and violence at an early age. A two-day Judicial Writing Workshop for 50 Supreme and Appeals Court Judges, Registrars, and Magistrates deed to enhance their ability to communicate principled and sound decisions to litigants, lawyers, citizens, and other courts, thereby increasing efficiency in the administration of justice in The Bahamas.

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INL will also provide training in the use and maintenance of the simulators, as well as on-site scenario filming specific to The Bahamas to make training scenarios more realistic. The annual International Narcotics Control Strategy Report INCSR is an annual report by the Department of State to Congress prepared in accordance with the Foreign Assistance Act and the Foreign Relations Authorization Act that describes the steps taken during the year by the governments of nearly 90 countries, including The Bahamas, to reduce illicit narcotics production, trafficking, and use.

The report is available here. This is up from 1. Thanks to this effort, an estimatedinfant HIV infections were averted in alone. The adult HIV prevalence of 1. Unprotected sex between men and women—especially paid sex—is believed to be the main mode of HIV transmission in this region; however, evidence indicates that substantial transmission is also occurring among men who have sex with men.

The HIV epidemic varies within countries and across the region. For example, HIV affects young women 1. Progress has been made in the general population. Duringmother to child transmission of HIV was reduced to the point where elimination of new HIV infections in children has become a reality.

There is also a decrease in the of persons dying from AIDS-related causes in three countries decrease of percent in the Bahamas and Jamaica, and by more than 50 percent in Suriname. Four other U. Embassies are part of the regional program including the Bahamas, Jamaica, Suriname, and Trinidad and Tobago. Lucia St.

Embassy Bridgetown Wildey Estates, St. Michael Barbados Tel: Fax: The Nassau Sub-Office also serves as the FBI representative within the Northern Caribbean by sharing knowledge, capabilities, and facilitating t operational opportunities with law enforcement and security services in six countries and territories. Working with subject matter experts in FBI Offices throughout the United States and other LEGATTs globally, the Nassau Sub-Office facilitates coordination of international activities and training with its regional partners in the areas of terrorism, financial fraud, organized crime, cyber crime, child pornography, money laundering, economic espionage, kidnapping, extortion and the multitude of other matters the FBI investigates.

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Seeking a Bahamas military men for

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