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Tonight's episode of Ackley Bridge August 7 was a rollercoaster of emotions for Naveed Haider — and viewers who have followed the character's journey felt every single up and down. In just one episode, the teenager had his sexuality discovered by his mum, slept with his best friend Cory Wilson, went through attempted gay conversion therapy, ran away from home, had his heart broken and scored as a stand-up comedian.

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It all started when Naveed's mother discovered her son was gay after she realised that Nas was also gay and that their arranged marriage had been a sham. After his secret was out, Naveed found comfort in his best friend Cory. One thing led to another and the two spent the night together. While viewers didn't actually see anything happen between the pair, Naveed later confirmed they had sex and fans couldn't handle it — this was the moment they'd been waiting for. AckleyBridge naveed and cory pic. But the happiness of Naveed and viewers ended quickly, when the next day he ran away from home and arrived at Cory's house with his suitcase — only to find his best friend with a girl he'd just slept with.

Later, a heartbroken Naveed confronted Cory, who told him he isn't gay and what happened between them didn't mean the same to him as it did to Naveed. Yes, I wanted to be with you that night. I'm trying to be honest with you. It didn't mean the same to me as it did for you. It's hard to tell who was more heartbroken: Naveed or the viewers.

Not only are you breaking Naveed's heart but you're also breaking ours Cory AckleyBridge pic. But this isn't the end for Cory and Naveed. At the end of the episode, the pair made friends again and shared a hug. And while it was a start, fans are adamant that this series cannot end without Cory and Naveed properly getting together. I think there is still hope for Naveed and Cory to be endgame!

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We still have 2 episodes left of Season 2 AckleyBridge pic. Ackley Bridge continues next Tuesday August 14 at 8pm on Channel 4.

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Sex dating in Ackley

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Ackley Bridge viewers are NOT happy with its student/teacher affair storyline