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And rom-coms tend to focus on the initial spark between a couple and seldom their dwindling sex life three years later.

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Paul Hokemeyera d marriage and family therapist. This headbutting can creep up in varying forms—politics, finances, religion, hobbies, to name a few—and it can be exhausting.

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It will take practice and incredible self-regulation, but success in these areas will greatly enhance the quality of your relationship. The reality is that sex in a long-term relationship has a tendency to become, well, kind of boring.

This happens to many couples. Success in dealing with this comes from managing expectations around what fulfilling sex looks like. Hokemeyer even goes so far as to recommend a sex schedule that involves a once weekly sex date. Life happens.

We get caught up in deadlines and work projects and extended family drama and extracurricular responsibilities. It is the responsibility of both partners to work together when this happens.

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Jennifer Howarda psychotherapist and relationship expert. Sometimes it stems from not spending enough quality time together. Whatever it is, make it a priority to figure it out and address it immediately. These statements are less intimidating and therefore less likely to trigger a fight compared to statements that start with an attack. Every couple experiences doubt. Linda Carrolla relationship therapist. Same qualities, different lens. Talking through it with yourself or with a therapist can be immensely helpful and insightful.

Is the doubt your inner wisdom telling you something's off about this relationship or is it simply tapping into some childhood wound?

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Let reason, not fear, guide you. It's based on the principle that two are better than one, and that a problem shared is a problem diminished. Working through these issues enables couples to experience their partner in the fullness of their being. It comes and it goes. A relationship is a long-term commitment, like a walking practice. We don't just go out on the sunny days or when we feel like it if we want a healthy physical body, we go out every day. If we want a healthy relationship, we don't stop our commitment, act out, or stop doing the things which nourish the relationship.

Remember to always take care of yourself. If you are in a situation you feel is unsafe or unhealthy, please seek professional assistance. Get 14 days free now. The doubt monster creeps in Every couple experiences doubt. Try for free. Best value.

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