Still looking for my partner

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It sounds like she is the one with self-worth issues, says Mariella Frostrup. Tell her how this makes you feel and establish boundaries and ground rules. The dilemma My partner of two years told me that she had been single for 12 years before I asked her out, but then, six months into our relationship, she told me her last partner was the love of her life and, after they broke up, they continued to regularly have sex for 10 years. She also recently told me she still loves him, but is no longer in love and that he is incredibly good-looking. I am scared she will be unable to resist him and never really be able to love me.

It is haunting. She has never said I am good -looking. She once said our sex is OK, but hopes it will get better and that, based on her own experience, sex gets better the longer the relationship.

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Should I be worried? We all have passions and unions, which are part and parcel of the rich blend we bring or, in less constructive cases, the juggernaut we dump into adult relationships.

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But, of course, it depends on how willing both of you are to let go. And this seems to describe both of you. At the very least, your description of the situation suggests she has her priorities askew. Telling you that sex gets better over time is a reasonable observation — unless you take it as an insult. I wonder how much emotional baggage she carries with her. It sounds as if she was the loser in the long aftermath of her last relationship. Describing herself as single is an indication of how she was maybe made to feel. It must be hurtful to continue having sex with someone who wants no further commitment — a stance which is rarely the case for both parties.

Perhaps you should feel pity rather than insecurity about what was clearly a coupling of convenience for one participant. The first place to start is always with your own emotions and the consideration that you might be allowing your insecurities to flourish, damaging your confidence and your partnership. If, however, you are confident that your girlfriend is, consciously or unconsciously, trying to undermine you, then you need to tell her how you feel and establish some boundaries and ground rules.

Simply suffering is not the answer. Nearly everything that goes wrong in a normal relationship is about communication and misread als.

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Only you can establish where the messaging between you is faulty and resolve to make sure there is clarity. If you have a dilemma, send a brief to mariella. Follow her on Twitter mariellaf1. Dear Mariella Relationships. Mariella Frostrup. Topics Relationships Dear Mariella features. Reuse this content.

Still looking for my partner

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