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Swingers Dating Flowers. Virginia Swingers Personals. To add your Swinger Club. A couple is defined, for this purpose, as a married or committed couple consisting of one female and one male. We do not discriminate on the basis of race or creed. We do require prospective members to be 21 years old or older to attend. Please visit our website and read our Rules of Conduct. After having run several other types of businesses in the past, we finally decided to aspire to become some of those rare people who make their living just doing what they love.

We do love the Lifestyle and adult entertainment, for the friends and fun they have brought into our lives. And so we founded ROBE to bring greater pleasure into other peoples' lives as well. For more info, read on: One of the twelve great Olympian gods, Dionysus is the Greek god of wine, revelry, and orgiastic delights. His Roman counterpart is Bacchus. His name appears as early as the second millennium B. Followers of Dionysus often took part in the Bacchanalia, a frenzied festival that incorporated wine with dancing and sexual activity. The animalistic instinct associated with the Bacchanalia empowered his women followers, known as Maen, who in their release from sanity and inhibitions allegedly would tear apart animals or children and devour the raw flesh.

Such is the case in the fifth-century B. Pentheus has the stranger Dionysus arrested for impropriety, but when the god manages to tempt the king to don women's clothes and spy on the Maen, they attack him and tear his body apart.

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This complete release of all sense of morality and social mores in favor of animalistic instincts eventually gave rise to the concept of an individual's being "Dionysian," in contrast to "Apollonian," or rational and logical. The Dionysian individual values feeling more than intellect and emotion more than rationality. Early Greek pottery depicts Dionysus as a bearded man, but by the fifth-century B.

He is usually seen holding a thyrsus, a spear with a large pinecone at the tip, and wearing a grapevine on his head and leopard skin around his body. His followers include sexually-charged creatures such as the god Pan, satyrs, nymphs, and fauns. Ferrari's article "Subjects in the Visual Arts: Dionysus'. Southwest Va Socials We are a couples-only group who holds monthly socials in a renovated former night club, adjacent to our host hotel. We have a byob policy, providing mixers and bartenders for you.

We provide non-alcoholic beverages, as well as food and snacks. We have a hospitality suite complete with hot tub, sauna, and ading group room. Special room rates for members attending parties. We would like to welcome you to Southwest Virginia Social Group If you are new to the lifestyle, let us take a few moments to tell you a little about our group. Hopefully, we can give you some useful information that will help answer any questions you may have about our group or swinging in general.

We are a private group of consenting adults who enjoy meeting people with shared interests and having a good time together. Although we are a group for couples, we do not hate singles. We feel that for our group, a couples only setting is more comfortable and conducive to the environment that we are trying to enjoy.

We provide a relaxed, yet classy atmosphere for our couples where they can meet other couples with the same or similar interests in a no pressure, comfortable, yet night-club type atmosphere. Again, we are a no pressure group and at no time are you obligated to do anything other than what you are comfortable with. We have our events arranged so that you can mingle with others but not feel intimidated by some who are more seasoned. If at any time you feel uncomfortable, please let one of the identified staff know and we will do what we can to help.

Your hotel accommodations are your responsibility and paid for by you, although we have arranged a special rate for our members. We encourage you to stay at our host facility because of the alcohol consumption, so that you may return safely to your families. Dress is a matter of preference. We encourage you to dress comfortably.

Some ladies will dress very provocatively while others are not. The usual rule is "dress to impress" or according to the events theme. Most men dress very casual. Our major requirements are that all dress must be street legal or that you wear some type of cover up to go from your room to the event building. There are to be no sexual acts in the group area. We will have a hospitality suite in the room section of the hotel.

Flirting, teasing, and minor flashing will be allowed. You are under no obligation to in any activities that you are not comfortable with. We just encourage you to meet other couples and have fun. If at any time someone does something that you or your mate does not feel comfortable with, just say no. If the person does not comply with your wishes, please feel free to seek out one of the identified staff members.

We are there solely to make sure that your visit is one of the most memorable experiences you will remember. We are often asked about age groups. Our members must be at least 21 years of age. That is the only age requirement. In the same token, we are a couples group. This does not mean that you must be married, but must be registered as a couple. Special note: We take very special care to make sure that our members are able to enjoy themselves in a secure environment. If you are in a relationship in which your partner does not participate, please be careful if you are making plans to attend with someone other than your partner.

We may impose fines against you and your date, which may include any legal fees or other fees concurred in this incident. We hope that you have found some useful information on this .

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If not, use our to send any questions that you may have. Our main goal is for you to meet other couples who you can become friends with in and outside of the group.

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Friendships are the basis of the entire group. Below are a few questions that we feel some of you may have. We welcome couples from all over Virginia and surrounding states. We welcome couples from anywhere who may be visiting the area. The only requirement is that you are registered as a couple. We look for those who enjoy a fun, friendly, and erotic atmosphere. Our members come from all walks of life, but share the same interest in that their lifestyle experience be a private matter.

We have a bar with a bartender to mix your alcoholic beverages with the mixers that we provide, or soda or coffee if you prefer the non-alcoholic beverages. We will also provide snacks and lite foods for you to enjoy. We will have a DJ and large dance floor. We will have plenty of seating for those who want to gather in large groups or smaller sections for those who look for a more intimate setting.

We will also have a hospitality suite complete with hot tub and sauna. We would like to stress that we are a very clean group and will ensure that the premises will be cleaned and ready for each event. Definitely NOT. There is at no time any pressure to do anything other than have a good time and make friends with others in the lifestyle. This is why we have several different areas for those who are new and those who are more seasoned. We do encourage those of all experiences to mingle with others to help us maintain the friendships that we all look for.

You may at any time enjoy just being alone as a couple or with a large group. There are no scheduled or structured swinging activities. Participation is solely a matter of choice. This could very well happen as we are trying to create a group for this area for those of us who usually have to travel to attend an event with another online club. The main thing to remember is that they are also there for the same purpose of meeting other couples who are in the lifestyle and can relax and enjoy the atmosphere.

The best way to handle this is to say hello and have a good laugh and continue to enjoy the event. Who knows who you may become good friends with outside of the group? Just remember. We are all there to enjoy the atmosphere and make friends with others in the lifestyle. The new couples seminar will help with any anxieties you may have and the staff will be happy to discuss any issues or answer any questions you may have in private. We are there to help you enjoy our events so that you will look forward to the next one. Your Privacy We value your privacy as we do our own.

To help ensure your privacy is always protected, we follow these policies in handling your personal information. We never provide any information to anyone under any circumstances. We do not sell, share, or give any group information to anyone under any circumstances. The information you provide to us is kept secure at all times. Only the group directors have access to this.

Your personal information such as your mailing address, phoneand address are not included in the information we have at the events. Limited information such, as your name, is in the check-in books. We provide security at all group events. No one can enter our events without passing through the security checks. We have a great working relationship with our host facilities who work with us to ensure your privacy. Our facilities are situated so that your privacy can be maintained at all times.

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All guests at our events must check in at the group registration. A photo ID must be provided along with our group membership card to enter our events. No recording devices or camera phones are allowed in any of the party areas or in the hospitality suite. This is to ensure the privacy of all members. And last but not at all the least. Upon ing the group membership form and registering for the events, you agree that you are a member of the group and that you will use the group, group's website, and participate in the group events solely for the purpose of your personal pleasure.

By ing, you also agree that you are not a member of the media and will not use any information found within these s or information obtained at the group events for publication or any other professional use. You agree that you are not in any manner using any information in any manner that will harm any of the group's members or its directors.

Open communication is vital to a healthy swinging lifestyle. We only recommend swinging to couples who are honest with each other and are open minded enough to discuss their deepest fantasies with each other. Listen to your partner. Communication before, during, and after are important. Use predetermined code words, or "looks" to communicate during any swinging activity. This way you can tell your partner what to do-or not do, without being shy or embarrassed to say something.

Keep an open mind. Those who are open to new ideas are those that will have the most fun swinging. Don't be afraid to try new things. If you ever hear someone say they are "try-sexual", what they mean is that they will try anything at least once.

Ask questions. Swingers love to meet people.

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