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Research in recent years suggests that for many people, loneliness is more like a chronic ache, affecting their daily lives and sense of well-being. Now a nationwide survey by the health insurer Cigna underscores that. It finds that loneliness is widespread in America, with nearly 50 percent of respondents reporting that they feel alone or left out always or sometimes.

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Using one of the best-known tools for measuring loneliness — the UCLA Loneliness Scale — Cigna surveyed 20, adults online across the country. The University of California, Los Angeles tool uses a series of statements and a formula to calculate a loneliness score based on responses. Scores on the UCLA scale range from 20 to People scoring 43 and above were considered lonely in the Cigna survey, with a higher score suggesting a greater level of loneliness and social isolation.

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More than half of survey respondents — 54 percent — said they always or sometimes feel that no one knows them well. But the are consistent with other research, says Julianne Holt-Lunstada psychologist at Brigham Young University, who studies loneliness and its health effects. Loneliness has health consequences. Several studies in recent years, including ones by Holt-Lunstad, have documented the public health effect of loneliness. It has been linked with a higher risk of coronary heart disease and stroke.

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It has been shown to influence our genes and our immune systemsand even recovery from breast cancer. And there is growing evidence that loneliness can kill. Studies have found that it is a predictor of premature death, not just for the elderly, but even more so for younger people. The latest survey also found something surprising about loneliness in the younger generation. Douglas Nemecek, the chief medical officer for behavioral health at Cigna. Members of Generation Z, born between the mids and the early s, had an overall loneliness score of Millennials, just a little bit older, scored By comparison, baby boomers scored The Greatest Generation, people ages 72 and above, had a score of In fact, some research published in by psychologist Jean Twenge at San Diego State University suggests that more screen time and social media may have caused a rise in depression and suicide among American adolescents.

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The study also found that people who spend less time looking at screens and more time having face-to-face social interactions are less likely to be depressive or suicidal. That last finding is also corroborated by the Cigna survey across all age groups. Respondents who said they have more in-person social interactions on a daily basis reported being less lonely.

The survey also found that working too little or too much is also associated with the experience of loneliness, suggesting that our workplaces are an important source of our social relationships and also that work-life balance is important for avoiding loneliness. Social connection or the lack of it is now considered a social determinant of health.

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Loneliness is on the rise in the U. First Name. Last Name.

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Rhitu Chatterjee NPR.

Texas lonely people

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