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A smart move considering every Saturday and Sunday, the area swarms with Lululemonites loitering after the SoulCycle classes next door. Which means getting a green juice or smoothie just got a lot easier!! Thank the lord…. According to highly placed sources the guy at the cash register yesterdaythe Water Mill location will be opening sometime in Mid-July.

Anyway, you can check out their website by clicking here for more details. But like the traffic jams on 27 and the blooms of the rhodaden… Roudaden…. Here are a few that I always look for…. Screaming kids, parents that ignore them, jazz music and cars lining up and down the highway…. People are constantly asking every store, restaurant, real estate office and bank for their wifi password! Cell service sucks in the Hamptons…. Listen I get it….

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But maybe this summer we can try checking our social media s when we get home people!? I hate talking to people in person too! Try starting with something smaller and easier to handle and perhaps watertight like a VW bug.

Restaurant Managers get Amnesia! Anyway, enough complaining….

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Party on! Smoothies and Sal and Bears… oh my! Loading Comments Required Name Required Website.

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